Greatest Movies Through 1960

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There have been MANY lists and rankings of movies. Top 10 lists. Greatest Movies lists. Classic Movies lists. Best Movies list. Must See Movies lists. This website provides our own GREATEST MOVIES through 1960 list by tallying how many times each movie appeared in the TOP 3 and TOP 10 of these many lists.  We also used lists that did not rank the movies.  We grouped the lists into the following four types of lists (and include our favorite list within each type):

  1. Ranked and Rated by the public (viewers)
    Favorite: IMDB Top 250
  2. Ranked and Rated by film critics and those in the movie business (critics)
    Favorite: Decent Films Best Rated Movies
  3. Ranked and Rated by books (books)
    Favorite: Greatest Movies Ever: The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All Time
  4. Ranked and Rated by other means – like a hybrid listing (other)
    Favorite: Filmsite’s 100 Greatest Films
  5. Special List (other)
    Favorite: 50 Films Every Christian Should See

This is still a work in progress … but here are the lists that we thought were significant and useful for our own filtered compiled list:

Ranked and Rated by the public:

Ranked and Rated by Film Critics and those in the movie business:


  • The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time by Entertainment Weekly (1999 book) – This book lists the 100 best movies in order from their Number One choice to the last in their list.  Lots of good sized photos and interesting summaries of the movies.
  • 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die – several updated editions, we used the one referenced in the IMDB list (more than 100 movies – reference only, not for our chart scores)
  • The A List: The National Society of Film Critics’ 100 Essential Films (2002 book) – This book concludes that there are 100  “essential” films.  According to the book, the “society has made its selections based on a film’s intrinsic merits, its role in the development of the motion-picture art, and its impact on culture and society.”
  • The Entertainment Weekly Guide to the Greatest Movies Ever Made (1996 book) – ranks the greatest movies by genre
  • Four Star Movies (book) – appears to be the original title of the book The Greates Movies Ever: the Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All Time
  • The Great Movies (1973 book) by William Bayer – a very interesting take on choosing the greatest movies, by setting 12 genres (categories) and then choosing the five best in each genre.
  • The Greatest Movies Ever: the Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All Time! (2011 second edition book) – this is our favorite of all the greatest movies books! While it does give a plot summary, most of the book is large photos and background info about the director, actors and interesting tidbits and trivia. It even lists for each movie how many of 9 other great movies lists included the movie!
  • Jeffrey Lyons’ 101 Great Movies for Kids – not a book of “greatest” movies – rather a book of “alternative choices”
  • Reel Culture by Mimi O’Connor (2009 book) – She reviews and gives snippets of neat info about “50 classic movies you should know about” (her words).
  • Reel Views by James Berardinelli (2003 book) – He provided short movie summaries for 1,000 movies that were on DVD and VIDEO and likely available to rent at a video store.  Thus, nearly all the movies in his book are “newer” movies, likely still in video stores.  However, he did provide a small group of movies he called CLASSICS.  We used that small group as his list of the greatest movies through 1960.

Other Lists: