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Interiors (1978) Woody Allen

Posted by Technoheaven on January 1, 1878

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93 mins – rated PG – view video trailer

Director: Woody Allen

Writer: Woody Allen

Genres: Drama

IMDB 7.5 / Amazon 4.2 / Tomatometer 77% / 80%

Oscars: nominated for 5, won 0

Three sisters find their lives spinning out of control in the wake of their parents’ sudden, unexpected divorce. IMDB 7.5 rating from over 11,540 users

Haunting, bleak, somber, grey, tragic, morose, repressed. All these describe Interiors. And this Woody Allen made right after Annie Hall! The story, expanded upon throughout the rest of these reviews, is about a family struggling with each other after the matriarch has a nervous breakdown. The children, three sisters (echoing “Cries and Whispers” and Chekov?), their significant others, and their father all debate what of their lives and history and mother and each other. Interiors is a moving film, not funny, not even light, save for Maureen Stapleton, the only character with any positive energy, whose vitality is echoed in her red, pink and kalidescopic clothing. But Interiors is a great examination and an up-close creation of a family’s struggles within itself and how each individuals issues shapes the family. The set designs, in very muted tones, the clothing, the lack of music, the darkness, and the harsh and gorgeous beach photography all enhance the story. Recommended for those interested in Allen’s darker side and/or Ingmar Bergman-like/Scandanavian aesthetic. Amazon 4.2 stars by over 71 users

Interiors isn’t your average Woody Allen film. It is a true drama, which you can’t say about all that many Allen films. There is very little humor here and the humor that is in there, is between sophisticated people, about sophisticated subjects. Every single one of these characters is unlikable with only one exception, Pearl. This family is just so [negative]. That is all they do, [complain]. Joey has to be the most unlikable realistic woman character I have ever seen. She has no real creative talent, yet all she wants to do is create something. One of her sisters (Renata) is a writer, the other (Flynn), an actress. Joey [complains] day and night to her boyfriend (Michael) about how great her sisters are. Then she quits every job she gets because it isn’t pleasing to her… Despite how much I dislike it, I still found it easy to watch because Allen’s writing is pretty good and the actors all do a good job bringing to life their ugly characters. It isn’t a movie I would ever watch again, but every Woody Allen movie deserves one viewing. Rotten Tomatoes 77% / 80% audience

Although only ninety minutes long, sitting through the film is a painful experience. None of the characters apparently have ever had a feeling without expressing it, which usually amounts to whining or complaining. The script is mostly a series of tedious arguments. The cast is loaded with unhappy people who feel sorry for themselves, despite their privileged lives… All things considered, it might be more entertaining to repeatedly prick your fingers with a sewing needle, than to actually watch this film. Epinions

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