Greatest Movies Through 1960

Best Movies Compiled From Many Sources


This site compiles bits of information from dozens of sources. Over three dozen lists of “greatest movies” were filtered into lists of just movies released through 1960 (movies over 50 years old). Details on each movie also combine info from a variety of sources.


IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) is the place to find a rating for a movie with thousands of viewers rating many of the movies in our list. It also is the place to go to find the actors and actresses in the momvie and much more! Ratings are on a 10 point scale – the highest rating of any movie is 9.2 – the highest rating of all the movies in our list is 8.9

Amazon is the place to buy the movies and read user comments about it. Note that it’s 5 star rating system is not just for the movie, but also for the DVD quality and shipping experiences! It appears that Amazon owns IMDB as well.

MRQE (Movie Review Query Engine) is the place to go for movie reviews. They typically link to dozens of reviews for each movie and even provide a “metric” to all the reviews that indicates how great the movie according to the critics. The highest ranking of any movie is 98%.

Zagat is known for reviewing restaurants, but has branched out and now also has surveyed movie viewers and published several books. I used the Zagat Movie Guide 2009 and Zagat Worlds Best Movies.

Decent Films is a great website for finding “decent” movies to watch! I used their ratings (top rating is A+) whenever they had them for a movie in our list.

MovieGuide is another good website for checking on movies to watch. They have a four star rating for each movie as well as content advisory for Language, Violence, Sex, Nudity.

BeliefNet Movie Mom has some good reviews advising about watching movies with your kids. She has good comments and a rating with A+ as the best.

Rotten Tomatoes has an interesting way of tracking how movie critics like a movie … with their Tomatometer as well as Audience Rating (both with 100% as the best)

Movie Trailers and Picture:

YouTube seems to have a movie trailer for most movies, so I link to it for each of the movies in my list.

Since I link to Amazon for each movie as the place where you can buy it, I also link to their picture of it so you can see what it is.

Movie Review, Summary and Tidbits:

I use a couple sentences from at least three or four sources to provide a quick summary of the movie, including from these places: IMDB, Amazon, Decent Movies, BeliefNet Movie Mom, MovieGuide, Rotten Tomatoes and Zagat.


The Zagat Movie Guide 2009 is excellent and I recommend anyone interested in movies get a copy.  It is a nice narrow size and includes a paragraph about each movie plus it ranks each movie based on movie viewers surveys in four categories, Overall, Acting, Story, Production plus it awards the best movies a Zagat Top Movie (highest ratings, popularity and importance)