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Trouble in Paradise (1932)

Posted by Technoheaven on January 1, 1932

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83 min – view video sample

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Starring: Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Romance

Oscars: Won NBR Award for Top Ten Films of 1932

IMDB: 8.1 / Amazon 4.7 / Rotten Tomatos 91%

A gentleman thief and a lady pickpocket join forces to con a beautiful perfume company owner. Romantic entanglements and jealousies confuse the scheme. IMDB 8.1 rating from over 6,323 users

Trouble in Paradise┬áis the supreme example of “the Lubitsch touch,” that mastery of comic timing, diamond-cutter precision, and Continental sophistication that made Ernst Lubitsch a household name and the real star of every movie he directed. Amazon 4.7 stars from over 40 users

Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins play Gaston and Lily, a pair of Parisian thieves, both disguised as nobility, who decide to rob lovely perfume company executive. Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer 91% / 90% Audience

MRQE: over 21 reviews linked

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