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The Black Orchid (1958)

Posted by Technoheaven on January 1, 1958

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96 mins – not rated – view video trailer

Director: Martin Ritt

Writer: Joseph Stefano

Genres: Drama, Romance
IMDB 6.7 / Amazon 3.9 / Tomatometer 20% / 64%
Oscars: none
After mobsters murder her husband, Rose Bianco works long hours making artificial flowers, to support herself and her son. Some suspect that Rose’s demand for a lavish lifestyle pushed her husband to a life of crime, and they blame her for his death. Widower Frank Valente is attracted to Rose, and must convince her that real love exists. He must also deal with his own daughter, who has her own reasons for opposing his marriage to Rose. IMDB 6.7 rating from over 539 users
There is more than a hint of the Oscar winning Marty in this quiet drama, shot in luminous black and white by Robert Barr and directed with economy and restraint by Martin Ritt. Anthony Quinn plays a widower who falls in love with Rose Bianco -the Black Orchid of the title.She is a widow whose husband was entangled with the mob and killed in a mob hit.She is eking out a living working in an artificial flower company and worrying about her son who is a persistent escapee from the county farm.Initially resistant she soon falls heavily for Quinn’s rough hewn charms but there is an obstacle -the staunch opposition of his possessive daughter ,played by Ina Balin. The movie is the story of the courtship and its eventual resolution. Sterling performances by the leads and a strong musical score by Alessandro Cicognini compensate for the slightly over sentimental script but overall this a neglected little gem. Amazon 3.9 stars from over 14 users
The title is Black Orchid, but the leading lady is a rose–florist Rose Bianco, played by Sophia Loren. Newly widowed, Rose holds herself responsible for the death of her husband, a well-known gangster. Anthony Quinn plays a widower who falls in love with Rose, much to the dismay of his daughter (Ina Balin), who fears that Quinn will be destroyed as thoroughly as Rose’s first husband. All ends happily after Rose and her new beau align to find her unhappy runaway son (Jimmy Baird). Black Orchid tries too hard to be a “slice of life;” perhaps it might have fared better with a cast of unknowns, but then who’d go to see it? Rotten Tomatoes 20% / 64% audience
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