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Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

Posted by Technoheaven on January 1, 1951

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81 min – view video trailer

Director: Charles Crichton
Starring: Alec Guiness

IMDB 7.8 / Amazon 4.2 / Decent Films A-

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Oscars: nominated for 1 won 1

A meek bank clerk who oversees the shipment of bullion joins with an eccentric neighbor to steal gold bars and smuggle them out of the country as miniature Eifel Towers. IMDB 7.8 rating from over 7,674 users

According to Entertainment Weekly, “one of the greatest comedies ever made!” Sir Alec Guinness received his first Oscar nomination as Best Actor for his delightful performance as Henry Holland, a meek clerk who devises an ingenious plan to rob a fortune in gold bullion from his own bank. But when Henry and his odd accomplice melt the gold into souvenir Eiffel Towers to smuggle to France, their perfect crime becomes a disastrous caper of Cockney crooks, customs chaos and an ill-timed group of British schoolgirls, all leading to some of the most hilarious and unexpected surprises in criminal history.  Amazon 4.2 stars from over 43 users

On the Vatican’s 1995 list of 15 selected important files. While the caper-gone-wrong comedy genre has been done to death in recent decades, The Lavender Hill Mob avoids most of what became the clichés of the genre. In fact, up to a point things actually go quite a bit more smoothly than the characters fear they are going, and more than once the perpetrators almost give themselves away because they think the jig is already up. Decent Films A-

MRQE 89% from over 32 reviews – Madison Public Library


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